Since 1934, we've worked with cheesemakers around the country to produce the finest products we've ever tasted. With a focus on natural products and responsible dairy farming, we exceed industry standards for our products year after year.

We strive to make our products top quality and affordable. For the growing family, the holiday dinner, or just the perfect Mac & Cheese, we've got you covered.

In addition to our line of cheeses, we distribute over 400 other products to stores from Memphis to Chicago. Our Third Party Logistics solutions employ the latest technology to keep our products moving efficiently. 

Our systems quickly integrate with our customers inventory software to keep products on shelves and customers happy.

We love St. Louis, and we do our best to give back. From cheese donations to employee volunteering, we stay involved with a focus on Youth and Health. We sponsor the Maplewood Cycling team, and Alan serves on the board for Boy Scouts of America.

When we're not moving cheese, we're spending time with our families and our communities. We'd love to see you out on the trail!